Projects since 2000

Two projects in psychiatric clinic Altrecht, Den Dolder (the Netherlands)

-"The Dreamtree" is a project executed with clients of the psychiatric clinic Altrecht. Small ceramic objects are framed and attached between the branches of two oaks. The oaks are connected togetherand put on a fram 5 meters high in the air.(2004-2007)
-5 Marble and ganit benches. Every bence has two quotes made by two clients who scisselde them in marble. A piece of work good for the selfesteme (2009-2010)

Hotel 't Klooster te Amersfoort, The Netherlands(2007)

Decorating 21 hotelrooms in Leerhotel het 't Klooster (Amersfoort, the Netherlands) ROC-ASA, Amarantis. Educational Hotel 't Klooster is a vocational training college in Hospitallity. 28 Rooms are decorated with original pieces of the local Museum Flehite, artistically pimped up with all kind of materials, pictures, utensils etc., serving one purpose to make cleare the releation with the history of the city in a more ore less humoristic way.

Kontakt der Kontinenten, Soesterberg (2008)

Decorating 28 hotelrooms in the new wing of the Conference Centre, a former cloister. The name of the centre stands for its contacts. The contact of the Contintents is indeed lodging people from all over the world, from all continents bringing there religions.
It is this melting pot of cultural influences, being the source for inspriration decorating the 28 rooms. The bridesuite contents references of verious cultures such a Papoa New Guiny, Israel, Greece, Armenia, Hawai and Gemany.

The Canals of Amersfoort (2009)

Yearly more than 50.000 people are having a sight seeing through the canals of Amersfoort, being guided amongst the highlights of Amersfoort.
The picture below shows the route with the main highlights.(2009)

Waterlijn Amersfoort