Theo van der Hoeven

Small Sculptures Bronze - Commissions

"Treated Brain", ENCP Award Utrecht (The Netherlands) - 2005

This anual award is offered to the most outstanding pharmacologist.
Trophy Treated Brain Trophy Treated Brain2

"Cardano" Trophy and schulpture, Bovag Kennisinstituut InoVam, Nieuwegein (the Netherlands)

Sculpture "Cardano", stainless steel and brass, height 2.5m - 1997
(a picture will follow)

Annual Trophy "Cardano", stainless steel and bronze, heigth 60cm, symbolises dynamics and inventivity of the Institute - 1997.

"Feather" award, University of Utrecht (the Netherlands), height 50cm, bronze - 2000

This annual award designed as a goosefeather symbolises wisdom through education.
Univ.Utr.Annual Hoogleraren Trophy Best Professor - Veer Univ.Utr.Annual Thropy Best Associate Profs - Pen

"Signal" award, Community of Amersfoort (the Netherlands), height 60cm

This is an award for the best innovative initiations to the benefit of the city of Amersfoort in general.
opdr_Gem_ Amersfoort_innovatierpijs_Signaal _Trophy

"Trimtab", Trophy and sculpture, Steven R. Covey, 2007

The trimtab award is designed for the CHN University in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands). The idea comes from Steven Covey, management guru from Utah USA. The principle stated with a trimtab is that everyone can change his course of life with a limited effort.
The sculpture is made of granite and marble, height 3.5m, the award is wood on granite, height 50cm.
Trimtab Trimtab 2Trimtab installed 2 Trimtab installed 3

Urn, lit, bronze, height 10cm, 2005

An urn is to pay the last respect to a deceased. This meaningfull object is a delicate thing to proces.
Prive_opdr_Urn_Lit Prive_opdr_ Urn