Theo van der Hoeven


Artist / Consultant

A Life in a nutshell

As both hemispheres are constantly balanced in my work, creativity and logic are apparent through my lectures. Application is expressed through my art. It is quite unique to have developed a balance of learning modalities so that one enhances the other. As an artist and consultant, I have motivated and inspired audiences here in NY as well as in numerous countries in Europe, Russia as well as Japan. In 1978 I went to Japan and studied ceramics at the Tamagawa University in Tokyo and lectured methodology and didactics of art education at the Tokyo teachers Association.


An artist with an established studio, business and exhibitions, and lecturing in Europe and Russia.

Past Experience:

  • Part time staff member of the Netherlands Institute for Arts Education in Utrecht, The Netherlands (1981-1997)
  • Project leader - curriculum development secondary education and adult education in the national cultural infrastructure (for approximately 3000 art-teachers)
  • Post doc. training courses for Artists teachers on methodology and didactics, Art in prisons, Art and Adult education
  • Art and Computer, Art on the Educational Channel
  • Art and Mentally Handicapped
  • Art for the Ageing Generation 55 +

Other Attributes:

Board memberships:

  • French Language Association Alliance Française in Amersfoort 1996-2003
  • City counsel of Amersfoort Twin Ctiy Committee- City of Liberec in the Czech Republic (Chairman) 1997 -2004
  • Free Mason's Lodge- Jacob van Campen Amersfoort (Chairman 2002-2004)
  • The Union of Retired people UNIE KBO (Advisor) 1997-1999
  • National Arts and Crafts Council 1999 –2004 (advisor)


  • Exhibitions in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Japan and the USA
  • Public Art displays for buildings in and around Europe.

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Annual exhibitions and commissions

Recent work/ Public Art:

  • “Heaven Can Wait” - Veenendaal (the Netherlands)
    Replicated from one of my smaller bronze sculptures titled “Heaven Can Wait.” This over 33 foot piece is made of bricks and concrete and was realized in 200-2007)
  • The “Bench” - Stone and bronze, realized in 2004 in Amersfoort
  • United States of America Huntington Arts council: Members shows: The Huntington Art Gallery July -November 2004


  • Long Island University, C.W. Post- Art and Reading, 1973
    Instruction for the classroom teacher
  • 1975 New York & Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Art Museum
    American Art History
  • 1978-80 Japan, Ministry of Culture
  • 1993 Sweden, Study visit Netherlands Institute for Art Education
  • 1994 Germany/Switzerland, Study visit Netherlands Institue for Art Education
  • 1996 Sweden, Swedish Embassy
  • 1998 Japan
  • 2002-06 USA

The Artist/1976-2004:

Work owned by private persons and companies throughout Europe, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France and recently in the USA.

Exhibitions and projects:

  • 1976 First Exhibition Gallery "de Fiets" (Bycicle), Delft (The Netherlands)
  • 1977 First Sculpture Fa. ten Berge, Scheveningen (The Netherlands)
  • 1976 Gallery Artishock, Soest (The Netherlands)
  • 1976 Gallery Consept, Amersfoort (The Netherlands)
  • 1977 Gallery Pot Art, The Hague (The Netherlands)
  • 1978 Gallery Queens Passage, The Hague (The Netherlands)
  • 1981-82 Gallery Consept, Amersfoort (The Netherlands)
  • 1982-84 Metz, Gallery St Joseph (France)
  • 1985 Milou van Dam, Soest (The Netherlands)
  • 1986 Spietz, Bienale du Ceramique (Switzerland)
  • 1987 Gallery des Beaux Arts, Brussels (Belgium)
  • 1988 Milou van Dam, Soest (The Netherlands)
  • 1992 Gardins des Amis, Soest (The Netherlands)
  • 1994 Place des Amis, Soest (The Netherlands)
  • 1995 Vrijhof Technical University Enschede (The Netherlands)
  • 1997-00 Group show Westbrock (The Netherlands)
  • 1997 Group show Castle Groeneveld (The Netherlands)
  • 1998 D.H.V Engenieers Amersfoort (The Netherlands)
  • 1999 Group show “Follies” Marcel en Milou van Dam, Putten (The Netherlands)
  • 1999 Group show Gallery Kralingen( The Netherlands)
  • 2000 Group show Tamagawa Museum,Tokyo (Japan)
  • 2000 Exhibition, Liege (Belgium)
  • 2000 Group show Amersfoort Artists league (The Netherlands)
  • 2001 Group show Amersfoort Artists league (The Netherlands)
  • 2001 Group show Putten Artists league (The Netherlands)
  • 2001 Group show, De Keukenhof, Lisse (The Netherlands)
  • 2002 Group show Amersfoort Artists league (The Netherlands)
  • 2003 Group show Amersfoort Artists league (The Netherlands)
  • 2004 Group show Amersfoort Artists league (The Netherlands)
  • 2004 Group show Deloitte Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  • 2004 Group show Huntington Arts Council, Huntington, NY(USA)
  • 2004 Group show Huntington Arts Council, Huntington, NY (USA)
  • 2005 Group show Huntington Arts Council, Huntington, NY (USA)
  • 2006 Group show Beeldlijn Amersfoort The Netherlands
  • 2006 Group art Project "PARADISE"
  • 2006-08 Show Gallery Babs Voskuil Delft
  • 2008 Theathre De Flint Amersfoort (the Netherlands) "Paradise" 4 poster bed
  • 2009 Bankers Delight
  • 2010 Expected Ten Cate Bankers Amsterdam "The Last Supper"

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Commissions and Public art since 1993

  • 1993 Public Art, Vlinderboom, Jenaplan school Ede(The Netherlands)
    ceramic reliëf +20 panels oil painting as a part of an educational project
    Commissioner: City of Ede Ede/ Jenaplan School, Ede &
    SVP Architect’s, Amersfoort
  • 1994 Public Art: Sol Iustitiae, monument, Dom square Utrecht (The Netherlands)
    Academiegebouw van de Universiteit van Utrecht, (bronze/granit)
    Commissioner: University Board
    University of Utrecht
  • 1995 Annual Trophy for the outstanding professor v, (bronze)
    Commissioner: University Board, University of Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  • 1995 Relief NMR project, (bronze)
    Commissioner: Faculty Biology, University of Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  • 1995-98 Knowledge trophy, (Stainless Steel)(The Netherlands)
    Commissioner: Kenniscentrum
  • 1995 Object “Nederland verdroogt” (kunststof/keramiek)
    Commissioner: Ned. Heidemij, Arnhem The Netherlands)
  • 1995 3 bronze Masks, “Stad in de Stad” Veenendaal(The Netherlands)
    Commissioner: van Elst Bouwmij
  • 1995 Ceramic object
    Commissioner: O. Østling, MalmØ (Sweden)
  • 1995-98 Trofee Bottervlootschouw (keramiek/RVS)
    Commissioner: Provincie Utrecht(The Netherlands)
  • 1996 The window to the future, (bronze) Commissioner: DHV/Coopers & Lybrand
    Amersfoort/Soesterberg(The Netherlands)
  • 1996 Fountain (bronze)
    Commissioner: B. Mous, Bunschoten(The Netherlands)
  • 1997 Sculpture, (bronze)
    Commissioner: Van der Lans Beheer, Scherpenzeel(The Netherlands)
  • 1997 Reliëf, (bronze)
    Commissioner: Van der Elst Bouwmij, Veenendaal (The Netherlands)
  • 1997/98 Sculpture “Cardano”, (bronze/RVS) Replica (silver/bronze/Stainless steel)
    Commissioner: Innovam Nieuwegein (Cardano-Institute)(The Netherlands)
  • 1998 Reliëf, (bronze)
    Commissioner: Van der Lans Beheer, Scherpenzeel(The Netherlands)
  • 1998 Sculpture, (bronze)
    Commissioner :Grontmy, Bilthoven (The Netherlands)
  • 1998 Sculpture, (brass & Ceramics) Dutch Car Dealers Center
    Commissioner: Innovam, Nieuwegein (Cardano-Instituut) (The Netherlands)
  • 1999 Sculpture (bronze) Commissioner: N.J. Mann New York (USA)
  • 1999 Design and renovation of the Freemasons Lodge Amersfoort (The Netherlands)
    including: 6 Chandeliers, vases & candles
    Commissioner: Foundation Freemasons’ Lodge Amersfoort
  • 1999 Sculpture bronze
    Commissioner: University Board, University of Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  • 1999 Sculpture bronze
    Commissioner: Mercedes Car Dealer “De Witte Brug”, The Hague (The Netherlands)
  • 2000 Sculpture bronze
    Commissioner: University Board University of Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  • 2000 Object Stainless Steel and bronze (5x)
    Commissioner: Cardano Car dealer educational Institute Nieuwegein, (The Netherlands)
  • 2000 Sculpture bronze
    Commissioner: Hausberg Company, Wiesbaden (Germany)
  • 2000 Public Art, Sculpture Stainless Steel and Brass
    Commissioner: Van Eden & Partners, Zeist (The Netherlands)
  • 2001 Sculpture (wood and steel) Moving Object
    Commissioner: Kema Quality, Arnhem (The Netherlands)
  • 2002 Public Art, Sculpture Porcelain & Stainless & Steel
    Commissioner: Altrecht Den Dolder (The Netherlands)
  • 2002 Group Show, City of Weesp (The Netherlands)
  • 2003 Public Art:,Sculpture of wood
    (realized together with the patients of this clinic)
    Commissioner: Altrecht Psychiatric Hospital Den Dolder (The Netherlands)
  • 2004 Trophies Brass & Bronze (50x)
    Commissioner: Altrecht, Psychiatric Hospital, Den Dolder (The Netherlands)
  • 2004 Public Art- Bench -Bronze & Stone
    Commissioner: Latei Amersfoort (The Netherlands)
  • 2007 "Heaven can Wait", Sculpture, copper plated concrete, 33 feet tall
    Commissioner :Patrimonium, Veenendaal (The Netherlands)
  • 2007 Decoration of 21 hotelrooms in hotel ROC 't Klooster', Amersfoort (the Netherlands)
    Commisioner: ROC ASA
  • 2007 Decoration of 28 hotelrooms in Conference Centre Kontakt der Kontinenten, Amersfoort (the Netherlands)
    Commisioner: KdK / Heijligers Bouw
  • 2007 Trimtab trophy and sculpture
    Commisioner: CHN University of Leeuwarden
  • 2009 Horseweide, Kruiskamp, Amersfoort (the Netherlands)
    Commisioner: Social Housing Corporation Alliantie / Real Estate Development Latei
  • 2009 2 Tables and 2 benches in granite
    Commisioner: Foundation Speelbos, Tegelen (the Netherlands)
  • 2009 Public Furniture for schoolyards in granite
    Commisioner: ABC schools Amersfoort (the Netherlands)

Freelance Trainer & Consultant:

  • National Dutch Educational Broadcasting Channel Teleac/NOT Written and Published Teachers Manuals and Scripts for TV series on Portrait, Landscape, Drawing, Painting, Graphic Art, Textile and, Acrylic

Training Communication Companies and Education:

  • Sachem School District at Holbrook, N.Y. USA (2003 2004 2005 2006)
  • The Schosok School District- 32schools The Netherlands (2003)
  • The National Automobile Dealers Association Of The Netherlands(1999-2001)
  • Russell Lawyers Association Amsterdam(2000-2004)
  • Dutch National Tax Office Human Resource Institute Utrecht (2000-2002)
  • Dutch National Tax Office Data Centre Apeldoorn (2000)
  • Medical Pension Institute for Physicians Utrecht (1998)
  • Dutch Ministry of Agriculture The Hague(1997)

European Community

  • The Czech Republic, The City of Liberec (150.000 inhabitants) in the Czech Republic
  • Future Vision of the City for the Aldermen, the Lord Mayor and civil servants, May 2000 until October 2003
  • Final report and Lecture Prague, September 1st 2004


  • Adult Education in Russia 2003-2004
  • Lecture Archangelsk Russia June 25th 2004-08-09
  • Final report and Lecture Skov, Russia, September 13th, 2004

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Work experience in the field of art & education:

  • 1974-78 Teacher arts and crafts, The Hague High School (The Netherlands)
  • 1974-78 Artist teacher, Cultural Centre Soest (The Netherlands)
  • 1973 Art Education Reading Project, New York (USA), Long Island University
  • 1978-80 Lecturer Tokyo Art-teachers Assoc., Tokyo (Japan)
  • 1980-81 The Royal Porceleyne Fles, Delft (The Netherlands)
  • 1987-97 Staff member Visual arts Netherlands Institute for Art Education Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  • 1992-93 Computer design (The Netherlands)
  • 1995 Project management :Twijnstra & Gudding (The Netherlands)
  • 1995-04 Freelance Trainer & Consultant
  • 1996 Sponsoring & Fundraising, University of Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  • 1997 Management Boertien & Partners (The Netherlands)
  • 1996-98 Management & Consultation
  • 1998-99 Training – trainers


Published in Dutch, French, Arabic, German, Swedish and Japanese:

  • Art Education in the Dutch Prisons
  • Postgraduate courses “ Pedagogic and Didactic for Artist Teachers”

Published in English and German:

  • Dutch Educational Channel: Dutch Books & Instruction Manuals
  • TV and Broadcasting Channel Teleac NOT including Teachers Manuals on: textile, graphic art, portrait, landscape, acrylic painting, painting and drawing

Published in Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian:

  • Computer Graphics: Curriculum Development for children and adults including a” Travelling Exhibition”
  • Art education and the Mentally Handicapped

Published in Dutch:

  • The Cultural Career: Belgium, Brussels University '95-2001

Published in Dutch and English:

  • Art and 50+ (art in an ageing society)


My first Lecture was presented in 1975 about Toys, the cultural history and design From the early times till the present.

  • Art and 50+ (art in an ageing society}
  • ,
Czech Republic:
  • Computer and Art Education, Feb. 1992
  • Adult Education and Art, Fredericia 1996
  • Art, education & Ageing, London 1996
  • Art academy, ceramics in Japan Metz 1985
  • On art in multicultural society, Aix en Provence 1999
  • On Post doctorate art education, Hamburg INSEA congress
  • On computer education artist teachers Remscheid 1992-95
  • On quality in art education, Soest 1997 congress
  • On adult education & art education Soest 1997 international congress
  • ”The city as a piece of art: Berlin 2003
  • Ireland: On art education & ageing, Dublin 1995 EurolinkAge
  • Art teachers Association, Tokyo 1978-'79
  • On art and mentally handicapped Kyoto 1979 Kyoto Kyoiku Daigaku
  • On the cultural career, Tokyo 1999 Tamagawa University
  • On art education and computer art, Tokyo 1999
The Netherlands
  • On Japanese Art History, Amsterdam Free University 1983
  • On art philosophy, Erasmus University lecturer 1996-99
  • The artist-The designer, Amsterdam 2003
  • National Training College, Maarssen 1994-99
  • Art Ed as a European perspective, Utrecht Art College 1994-98
  • On art education in Netherlands, Christiansand 1997-98
  • Computer graphics in education, Norway 1998 16 lectures throughout Norway
  • On adult education, Archangelesk 2004, European project
  • St Peterburg, Severovinsk, Skov 2003-2004
  • On art education,Lund University, 1990, Umea 1991, Malmo 1992-98
  • On art educaton, The Cultural Career
  • Stockholm 1993 Malmo 2004
  • On art education
  • Salamanca University, European Congress
  • On art education
  • Madrid European Eurolink-Age congress
  • On leisure time and art education
  • Zurich 1989 Leisure Congress
  • Art and drama Long Island University 1973
  • Ceramics for High School
  • Huntington High School 2003 2005 2006
  • School for Textile and Design NY USA 2006

Network memberships and boards

National Representatif European Netork Leisure and Arteducation Eurolink-Age Membre Elderly Union UNIE KMBO, Den Bosch The Netherlands Member committee Visula Arts Board Foundation voor de Amature Ard - Member and chairman Freemacons Lodge Jacob van Campen Amersfoort The Netherlands Member and chairman Twincity-ship Amersfoort the Netherlands and Liberec The Czeck republic.
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