Theo van der Hoeven



Theo van der Hoeven was Dutch born (1947) in The Hague. His first public exhibition, held in 1976 at the famed de Fiets (Bycicle) Gallery in Delft (The Netherlands), was heralded by many from the global art world. “His work is a pleasure to look at” quoted The Hague Press and “Humour is certainly an unmistaken part of the show of Theo Van Der Hoeven”.

Enticing with a philosophy that “Life is serious but there is never a dull moment”, he uses his medium to articulate the vignettes of life we never forget. Van Der Hoeven allows one to move with their own creative visions and reflect upon their own experiences in a manner that creates an open- ended style. The simultaneous events which express our humor, our pain, and our pleasure is found within each piece. Each creation becomes the dream of the on-looker and it is they who finish the sculpture. Creating the synergy between the artist and on-looker is what drives Theo Van Der Hoeven.

Van Der Hoeven uses his medium to transform reality into a metamorphosis on different levels. The Joy of Life is as well a rebirth, as it could be a transmutation. Looking at a sculpture, an image, or a picture is a process of experience…looking at his sculptures will be different every moment of your life.

Many of his works have been produced larger then life size resting in front of many of Europe’s most important venues. His Symphony consists of 3 huge bronze masks centered in a pond in the heart of Veenendaal City as a gift from the building firm Elst. The University of Utrecht commemorates its 250th anniversary with The Sun, another extraordinarily large and highly noticed commissioned piece revealed by Her Majesty Princess Margriet.

His largest outdoor work over 33 feet tall was unveiled in Europe in the city of Veenendal in 2007. "Heaven Can Wait" happens to be Van Der Hoeven’s greatest artistic achievement untill now. It was commissioned in 2006 and since the start of the contruction admirers react to Van Der Hoeven’s presence as they walk through a soaring brick and concrete arch peering among the clouds and figures into the heavens. Dozens of important public commissions add to the value and interest in Van Der Hoeven’s work.

Whether through public commissions or the individual collector, his unique vision has become a favorite of the international lecture scene. In his own words, Van Der Hoeven combines his humorous talent with his serious intellect. He has logged hundreds of thousands of miles between speaking engagements, from Japan, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Russia, United States and the Netherlands.

Van Der Hoeven: delivering materialized reflections as art

Dedicated City Quarter Artist

Being officially appointed as Community Artist since 2007 Theo van der hoeven is involved in a variety of projects recurring from the recent developments and plans for city development at both communical and national level. Part of the national project "Vogelaarwijken" is developing social quarter Kruiskamp with its multicultural background to a better social environment and all related area's in which Van der Hoeven is involved.

Another occupation is the breach of obligations for the City of Amersfoorts and its liasoned Tchech Sister City Liberec, involving art and social and business opportunities in both worlds.

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